Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dear Mama

Do you still keep my old bicycle? I really need my bicycle because i need to cycle to office since our stupid goverment hike our petrol and still thanks to badawi because giving use 30 cents discount of every liter we pump. I'm wondering why Datuk Badawi like to compare our fuel price with other country that does not produce oil, our goverment become crazy and keep changing the rules. Anyway please tell me where you keep my old mountain bike.

P/S: Screw the people who vote for Bn on last election 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


As per requested from my sister i want to blog about our national dog security(Polis), Just want to share something in here. What will the police do when they see you not wear a safty belt? what will they do if you talking on your mobile phone when driving? and what will they do if they see you give a double parking or park at the prohibited area? Of course they will give you a fucking summon right?. But it doesnt mean that its unfair to us actually it's good for those stupid dumb people who did this especially for those people who like to double park while leave it unattended and cause a massive crawl. But how about our police are they free to break the law or they have the authority to do so?.

Monday, July 7, 2008


:: i love diz pic.. ahakzzz ::

caMpiNg aT Sg.PisaNg...

:: 6 Julai 2008 :: :: Sungai Pisang ::

we all sampai kt sg.pisang ni kira2 kol 11..nk masuk dlm jur ada la
dekat 2km..huhhh penat tue!!
n thn bila sampai jur we all terus
pacak kemah n we all masak..nina masak asam pedas,n thn bakar
ikan siakap,kembung n udang..nina lapar giler dia mkn bnayak giler..
after mkn we all terus terjun mandi...huhuh sejuk..pastu me n nina balik..
yang lain tinggal n stay sampai esok..
bye..pape pn thnks 4 siti n afa..best!!!